Open Road Tolling (ORT) Experience

Tolplan was, and still is, involved in the implementation of currently the largest ORT project in the world and the largest contract ever awarded by the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL). It consists of the following aspects:

Gauteng Open Road Tolling Scheme Traffic, Technology and Financial Feasibility Study (upgrading of ±185km of urban freeways)

Tolplan was appointed by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) to investigate an appropriate Open Road Tolling Strategy, perform traffic investigations, including SATURN modelling, model traffic reaction to tolling, investigate the application of the Open Road Tolling technology, estimate the operating costs of the Open Road Tolling system as well as that of a national Transaction Clearing House (TCH) and a national Violations Processing Centre (VPC) and perform detailed financial modelling, including determination of the predicted debt service cover ratios and maximum debt levels for the projects. Subsequent to the initial feasibility study in 2007/2008, the study was updated a few times and a major update, including investigation into discount strategies, is currently being undertaken. Based on these feasibility studies, SANRAL is procuring loans of ±R30 billion to fund the initial upgrade of the 185km of Gauteng motorways.

Gauteng ORT and National TCH and VPC Toll Systems and Operations Design, Tender Documentation and Supervision

Tolplan performed the conceptual and detailed design and the< tender documentation of the Toll Systems (a R1300million system) and the Gauteng Open Road Tolling Operations and Maintenance, as well as the Operations and Maintenance of the national Transaction Clearing House (TCH) and the Violations Processing Centre (VPC) for 8 years for SANRAL. This involved the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of ±30 professional persons to deliver the largest contract ever awarded by SANRAL. The system includes 42 Tolling Points and 14 Customer Service Centres. The national Transaction Clearing House provides customers with one account regardless of which toll authority’s roads are used, a national ETC website and a national Call Centre. Tags will be sold by commercial outlets and customer service will be provided at about 40 kiosks in shopping centres.

Gauteng ORT and National TCH and VPC Toll Infrastructure Design, Tender Documentation and Site Supervision

Tolplan was responsible for the multi-disciplinary project management and civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering design, tender documentation and adjudication of the toll infrastructure and is currently responsible for the site supervision. The infrastructure includes:

  • 42 Tolling points involving 84 cross-motorway - gantries, technical shelters and platforms
  • A 20,000m Central Operations Centre (housing the - ORT, TCH and VPC control function)
  • 14 Satellite Centres (housing customer service, route operations, facilities maintenance and enforcement operations


Tolplan also executed the following Open Road Tolling projects for Transit New Zealand:

New Zealand National Toll Administration Project: Cost Estimation

Tolplan provided the toll expertise in the team that estimated the transaction cost for the planned interoperable ORT implementation on the first three planned toll roads in New Zealand. This transaction cost was based on a conceptual design of the business architecture and the toll collection and clearing system and a cost estimate of the system and operational costs.

New Zealand National Toll Administration Project: Specification and Tender Documentation

Tolplan compiled the specification and tender documentation for Transit New Zealand for the appointment of the contractor for the design and project development of their National Toll Administration Project to control the Back-office, Electronic Number Plate Enforcement System, Customer Service and Call Centres and clearing of funds between operators of the ORT Systems on all New Zealand toll roads, the planned Electronic Road User Charging System and the Travel Demand Management System.

New Zealand National Toll Administration Project: Website and Cost Estimate for Manual Tolling

Tolplan provided Transit New Zealand with frequently asked questions and answers for use on their web-site and in their public participation processes when implementing tolling and specifically Open Road Tolling and calculated the cost of a manual toll collection system for the first toll route in New Zealand.