GORT Project Operational Functions

An Open Road Tolling Gantry on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

Tolplan was extensively involved in the Operations of the Gauteng Open Road Tolling (ORT) project. Tolplan, together with the Employer (SANRAL) has determined the Operations requirements and drafted detailed Operations specifications and has completed the ORT Schedule of Payments, including the detailed payment descriptions. Tolplan, through its professional team, provides Operations supervision of the ORT project which at the height of operations will provide employment up to 1400 personnel.

The Operations specifications covers a wide area of activities, inter alia, ORT back office Operations to ensure complete and validated transaction data. Important aspects here are, for instance, manual validation and reconciliation activities. The Transaction Clearing House (TCH) back office Operations, amongst others, manages various third parties, such as banks, and to ensure that that sound accounting is applied to the benefit of all the ORT customers. The Violation Processing Centre (VPC) Operations is responsible to manage all outstanding debts, from the civil debt collection process to the hand-over and supporting functions for the legal processes.  Other Operations areas consist of providing services at Customer Service Outlets, providing assistance to enforcement operations and facility and systems maintenance activities.

Tolplan is equally involved in the operations of conventional tolling projects. Tolplan has drafted the standard Toll Operations specifications for conventional toll plazas for South Africa together with various project specifications for different Toll Projects. Supervision of Conventional toll Operations is a specialised and multi-disciplinary function. Through-out the past two decades, Tolplan was involved, during some time or other, in the Operations supervision at all the state toll plaza’s in South Africa.