South African Experience

Tolplan rendered significant toll consulting services in South Africa from the inception of modern toll roads in 1982. During this period the company rendered toll consulting services to the South African Roads Board and the National Roads Agency (SANRAL) in respect of more than 20 state toll roads. Furthermore, toll consulting services were provided to SANRAL in respect of four half-a-billion US dollar Build-Operate-Transfer projects embarked upon by the SANRAL since 1994.

Tolplan, therefore, provided significant consulting contributions to the establishment, development and operation.

Toll Policy, Financing and Tariff Studies

Tolplan has been responsible for several major toll policy studies in South Africa for the South African Roads Board and the National Roads Agency, as detailed below:

  • Policy study into toll financing principles and policies worldwide, for potential application in South Africa 1982
  • Policy study into an increased role for toll financing through tolling of all motorways in South Africa and financial feasibility issues 1991
  • Policy and financial feasibility study into the refinancing of the then existing South African toll roads 1994-96
  • Policy study into an increased role for the private sector in toll financing and issues regarding the tolling of existing roads and financial feasibility study into tolling of existing roads 1995
  • Policy study into the restructuring of heavy vehicle toll tariffs 1999
  • Policy and financial feasibility study into tolling a network of 3 400 km of national and provincial roads 2000

Three policy and financial feasibility studies have also been undertaken for the Gauteng Province of South Africa, involving:

  • A toll policy study
  • Financial feasibility studies into the tolling of urban motorways using:
  • combination of traditional tolling and ETC
  • free flow tolling

Since the inception of State toll roads in South Africa in 1984, the company was responsible on an annual basis for the revision of the financial evaluations of State toll roads, i.e. the revision of the so-called Loans Supportable by Revenue (LSRs) of toll projects. The company has also assisted the South African Roads Board and the National Roads Agency on an annual basis since 1984 in the revision of toll tariffs for all State toll roads. 

Existing State Toll Roads

The following services were rendered for more than 20 conventional toll projects:

  • Modelling of traffic reaction to toll
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Technical support services in respect of toll road public participation exercises
  • Multi-disciplinary planning, design, tender documentation/adjudication and construction supervision/contract management in respect of toll facilities
  • Planning, design, tender documentation / adjudication and contract management / supervision of procurement, installation and maintenance of toll collection and CCTV systems and fibre voice, data and video links to remote ramp plazas
  • The preparation of user and functional requirements for the development, installation, support and enhancement of the toll management information systems in use at all South African toll plazas
  • Preparation of toll and road operating and maintenance specifications, tender documentation/adjudication and contract management and supervision of toll and road operations and maintenance

Tolplan performed traffic and financial feasibility studies since 1983 in respect of more than 20 existing toll road sections in South Africa. Its success in this field is confirmed by the fact that the actual traffic volumes and financial performance of the SANRAL toll road portfolio has been better than predicted.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Toll Projects

Since 1994 the South African National Roads Agency implemented the following 4 major BOT projects:

  • N4 Maputo Corridor (440 km)
  • N3 Heidelberg - Pietermaritzburg Toll Road (450 km)
  • N4 Platinum Toll Road (400 km)
  • N1/N2 Winelands Toll Highway (180km)

Tolplan played an important role in advising and assisting the South African National Roads Agency in respect of these four major Southern African Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects. The services offered in respect of these projects include:

  • investigation of alternative toll strategies
  • prediction of traffic reaction to toll
  • traffic and financial viability studies
  • pre-qualification documentation
  • tender documentation i.r.o. the "traffic and toll strategy", tolling systems and operations elements of the project
  • tender adjudication of the "traffic and toll strategy" element during the following tender phases:
    • pre-qualification
    • pre-selection of final two bidders
    • Best and Final Offer" (BAFO) phase

 The South African National Roads Agency also appointed Tolplan to perform the same role as indicated above for the N2 Durban - East London BOT project (550km). Tolplan has already performed the toll strategy investigation, traffic studies and the prediction of traffic reaction to toll for the N2 Durban - East London project.

Other services rendered by Tolplan in respect of BOT projects in Southern Africa were/are:

  • The design and construction supervision of toll facilities, specifically within the BOT context with its Independent Engineer - Concessionaire - Design and Construction Contractor relationships, for the 440 km N4 Maputo Corridor toll projects
  • Preliminary and detailed design of the toll collection, toll management information and traffic management systems along the N4 Maputo Corridor
  • As part of the team of the Independent Engineer, the evaluation of toll plaza and systems designs, operations and maintenance for the 450km N3 BOT contract between Heidelberg and Pietermaritzburg.

Planned toll roads

Between 1999 and 2003 Tolplan was responsible for an investigation into the possible tolling of 3 400 km of existing South African national and provincial roads in order to fund their upgrade, rehabilitation and/or maintenance for a 30 year period. It involved detailed traffic surveys, roadside interviews, traffic modelling with emphasis upon traffic reaction to toll, formulation and investigation of alternative toll strategies and financial feasibility investigations with emphasis upon funding methods involving non State guaranteed funding such as securitisation. Based, inter alias, upon these studies, the South African National Roads Agency adopted a 7-year toll road implementation plan.