Other South African Projects

60jpg-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza lanes
100-0044-resize.jpgDiamond Hill plaza Truck in lane
100-0043-resize.jpgDiamond Hill plaza building 2004
100-0035-resize.jpgDiamond Hill - Cullinan Ramp plaza
100-0038-resize.jpgDiamond Hill - Cullinan Ramp lanes
100-0022-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza building 2003
100-0045-resize.jpgDiamond Hill plaza lanes still under construction
100-0061-resize.jpgDiamond Hill plaza lanes still under construction
100-0013-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza booth
im000885-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza at night
100-0071-resize.jpgDiamond Hill plaza lanes still under construction
20070302-zambezi-sb-resize.jpgTraffic at bakwena toll plaza
im000886-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza at night
im000907-resize.jpgBaobab Plaza building 2003
im001165-resize.jpgView from a controle room at a plaza
im001431-resize.jpgVerkeerdeVlei plaza lanes
im001586-resize.jpgUnique design of DiamondHill main plaza lanes
im001711-resize.jpgUnique design of DiamondHill main plaza lanes
18-resize.jpgEquipment inside a Toll booth
im001753-resize.jpgVerkeerde Vlei plaza building 2004
im001802-resize.jpgDiamondHill plaza Booth
im001823-resize.jpgLandmark at Cullinan ramp plaza on N4
img-005-resize.jpgConstruction of toll lanes in the early phases
img-008-resize.jpgVerkeerde Vlei plaza
img-012-resize.jpgLanes at Verkeerde Vlei plaza, N1, Free state
img-019-2-resize.jpgClose up view of a lane at Verkeerde Vlei plaza
new-2-resize.jpgSafety barriers in the lanes at DiamondHill plaza
pumulani-etc-ln6-ohls-canopy-sign-and-antennae-and-camera-resize.jpgToll equipement e-tag sign
cfp05487-resize-0.jpgClose up view of a lane at Diamond Hill plaza
cfp05502-resize-0.jpgDiamond Hill with its unique design
cfp05503-resize-0.jpgDiamond Hill lane signs
cfp05505-resize-0.jpgDiamond Hill plaza booth
cfp05506-resize-0.jpgDiamond Hill lane equipment
cfp05560-resize-0.jpgToll collector in a booth at Diamond Hill plaza
cfp05571-resize-0.jpgDiamond Hill - Cullinan Ramp plaza